• What information do I have to enter?
    • You need to enter your first name, middle initial, last name, date of birth, traffic citation number and email address.

  • What if I want to go to Traffic School?
    • Information and requirements for attendance at Traffic School are available on the Sacramento Superior Court website under the traffic page.

  • What type of payment is accepted?
    • Visa, Master Card and Discover are currently accepted.

  • When is the system available?
    • The Sacramento Court system has scheduled downtime from 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. PST daily.

  • HELP!  I have a problem!  Who do I contact?
    • 1. If you have any of the following:
       - Traffic school questions
       - Need an extension to your citation
       - General questions and processing of your citation
      Please call the Traffic Court or access our website at www.saccourt.ca.gov for more information.

      Court:Phone Number:Hours:
      Sacramento County916-875-78008:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

      2. If you receive an authorization number but get an error message trying to print your receipt, this is an indication that your payment did not go through.

      3. If you receive an error message when trying to pay online, yet your bank or credit card company is confirming that the transaction went through, this is an indication that your payment did not go through. The bank or credit card company holds the amount charged as a pending transaction. Generally, within 24 to 72 hours, the bank or credit card company will realize the payment did not go through and will release the amount back to your account. During this time, you must contact the appropriate Court assigned to process your case to pay your citation over the phone or you can try to pay online again later.

      4. If you receive a 203 error or a "Citation Cannot be Found" message when you enter your citation number, this is an indication that there may be a duplicate citation number or the citation has not yet been entered into the system. Please contact the appropriate Court assigned to process your case for further assistance.

      5. If you have trouble accessing the system, please contact ISD Corporation at epsupport@isd-corp.com.

    Credit Card Refund Policy

    A credit card refund can be requested by emailing epsupport@isd-corp.com. Please be sure to include your name, court location, case/citation number, date of transaction, transaction amount and last four digits of the credit card number in the request.

    Once a refund request has been initiated, the court will be contacted to verify the payment information. If the refund is approved by the court the refund will be processed, the case will be returned to the proper case status and fine payment reversed. Refunds will be sent to the card-issuing bank within five business days of receipt of the refund request. Please contact the card-issuing bank directly with questions about when the credit will be posted to your account.

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